Want to Buy a New Home

  • “National Association of Home Builders projects 900,000 single-family houses will be built in 2018, that’s 300,000 less than needed to keep up with demand.”

Let’s not even mention 2021!  Our market has recovered well in the Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas and now many are thinking of upgrading to something larger or to that neighborhood they can finally afford. However, why not take the opportunity to build! Yes, the market has been great on new builds and the cost to build versus an already established home may be closer than you think.

Keep in mind that a new build allows you to be represented as in any home purchase. There are NO additional costs or fees for being represented in the transaction. You either have representation or not. The commission remains the same!

If you are thinking of a new build, let’s talk about your options, pricing and incentives BEFORE YOU GO. You will be surprised how much you save throughout the process and how much equity you can build by having representation when you go before the builder and designer.

The goal is to build you the home of your dreams and allow you the opportunity to select your favorite options. While having such freedom, make sure you take along your insurance, YOUR Realtor!

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